{Hon, hon, hon! A French Christmas Dinner}

Instead of the usual Christmas fixings (bird, stuffing, gravy, potatoes, more gravy...), we had a very low-key French-style dinner consisting of roasted carrots and parsnips, sautéed kale with garlic and bacon, and the pièce de résistance; a French roasted chicken (basically a chicken slow roasted in a dutch oven).  I also made Pillsbury dinner biscuits...they're not really French but I really wanted biscuits! It took a lot less time to prepare than a traditional Christmas dinner but was just as delicious. In a way it felt a little more special because it was out of the ordinary.

My French-style Christmas Dinner

My French-Style Christmas Dinner: Roasted Carrots & Parsnips

My French-Style Christmas Dinner: Kale with Bacon & Garlic

Happy Holidays!

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