{Konjac, your beauty routine's new BFF}

Kon...what?! Konjac. It's a popular facial sponge from Japan that's making it's way over to North America. Made from konjac root (an edible vegetable), it's supposed to gently exfoliate and rebalance your skin's pH. I stumbled upon it quite by accident at Shoppers Drug Mart while looking for an alternative to my microbead cream cleanser (I recently learned microbeads harm the environment) and holy cow wouldn't you know this thing is biodegradable! I've been using it for a week now and although my t-zone is still a bit flaky (hey we're in the middle of a rough winter) my face overall feels like a baby's bum. It feels very pleasant to use and I like how it exfoliates your skin without feeling harsh. Because it's so gentle it'll take about 3-4 days before you see results. The key is to massage your face gently and not rush through your cleansing routine. 
I love this sponge. I'm going to marry it. Seriously.

In between uses, the sponge dries into a little styrofoam-like disk and you revive it by soaking it or running it under warm water...it actually feels a bit slimy when wet. The sponge can be used with or without a cleanser (I use cleanser but it does potentially cut down on the konjac's lifespan) and with proper use it lasts about 2-3 months. After washing your face, rinse it out and press it between your palms to remove excess water...don't squeeze it or you may damage the fibres.  If you're interested in reading more about the manufacturing process, www.japanesekonjacsponge.com has an excellent write-up.

Where to buy in Canada:
Shopper's Drug Mart, Quo brand, $5 (the one I have!)
Sephora, boscia brand, $22

Where to buy online:

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